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My name is Dorota, my first travel adventure started when I was five years old, my family took me to Italy which till today has a very special place in my heart, since then you can say I was “living in a suitcase”. Travel has become my passion and it represents part of my lifestyle, I love to be  constantly out there and to discover new  places. Every time when I prepare my bags I feel this incredible happiness and excitement. Through my career as a flight attendant, hotel executive and a business owner I have visited various countries, learned new experiences, and was fortunate to meet amazing people. I have been told to write down stories about my life as I have so much to share but I think this site may be a good start where we are bringing you the best of it all in a brief review.

 My name is Aleksandra but in Polish a short version of my name is  Ola… ´Ola, who are you? Who is this woman?!´ Once a young man has actually asked me .. I may share long story later …. Fact is,  I love life,  I am a passionate traveler, dance teacher and international dance judge.I am the oldest sister, a pretty cool friend… I´ve studied International Relations in the UK and wanted to do my masters in Energy Management in Russia but in 2014 I moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (no, I did not fell in love with a Mexican!) and became a director of sales and marketing of a beautiful boutique hotel.

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