Nikki Beach Club Celebreties Secret

 Nikki Beach Club Celebreties Secret

Nikki Beach Club St. Barth nestled on the magnificent beach of Saint-Jean, is a luxurious haven for the world’s jet-set clientele bringing celebration, sophistication and excitement to the island.

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petra-jordan- bucket-list

Bucket List Top Destinations

Bucket list trips are not typical trips you normally would plan from one day to another. Say for example short weekend getaway to a close by city or one week vacation to generally visited destination. This are more of the adventures that require planning and time for total indulgement – that is why we call them bucket list. 

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Europe Top Places to Visit

When it comes to Europe, there are so many amazing countries, cities and places to visit, they are so different and so unique in every way. You can spend a month in one country and will not see its all atractions. So it can be overwhelming for many travelers to pick the right place to go to. Some of Europe Top Places you should consider visitng are Turkey, Germany, Spain, Poland and Denmark – seen from a different perspective, offering different adventure and experience. Enjoy your European trip!

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Top-Same-Sex-Honeymoon Escapes

Top Same-Sex Honeymoon Escapes

Just recently Supreme Court has declared same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states in the USA. Many couples are planning now their wedding day and wonder where they can set off to celebrate their dreamy same-sex honeymoon.

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