Bogota Streets

Is fast becoming one of the most exciting destinations of South America. City of many colors, sleek buildings and glamorous boutiques with lush mountains surrounding the city.

Bogota is an extraordinary beauty, with colorfully restored colonial houses, cultural and artistic gems. City heart and soul are its museums, colonial buildings, craft shops and cafes and array of museums and art.

To discover cultural Bogota visit Catedral Primada, Casa del a Moneda and impressive world-class collection of late 19th century history at Museo Botero where you will find art pieces of Monte, Matisse, Picasso, Dali Chagall and Botero himself.

Cerro de Moserrate

Cerro de Moserrate

Take a tour to Cerro de Moserrate in a cable car up to the “top of the    world” from where you will enjoy unbeatable panorama of the city its  residential neighborhoods and spectacular mountain views away from the  city urban rush and noise.

Bogota is a true cosmopolitan city due to its cultural diversity of art,  music and culinary traditions of people from all over South America and  beyond.

Macarena district, up and coming vibrant area of town  attracted many nationalities from all over the world like Spain, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Lebanon, Israel and Albania to name a few. It is vibrant and attractive offers cafes where you can enjoy taste of finest Colombian coffee enjoy shopping in trendy stores and have fun at the avant-garde comedy club.

Bogota City


Colombia besides being world renowned for its coffee it also is famous for its first-grade emeralds and gold . Shop in Centro Internacional where you can find a wide selection of fine jewelry and hopefully your perfect piece of accessory.

Named by Conde Nast Traveler in 2012 a culinary center of the world the capital is a perfect place for food lovers who can find elegant French, traditional Colombian and abundance of seafood, grill and ethnic restaurants.

Choose Zona Rosa  with many standout restaurants to choose from, many favorite Club Colombia for indoor and outdoor trendy Colombian dining experience or El Bandito a first class bistro.  After dinner enjoy a nice walk along the streets and sounds of all kind of music from African beats, European melodies to Latin American cumbia.

B.O.G Hotel

B.O.G. Hotel

After a day of exciting sightseeing, shopping, dining and dance relax at the Luxurious B.O.G Hotel conveniently located in city business district offers exquisite comfortable suites with rich gold tones, elegant fine dining restaurant and Spa.

Or choose more classical yet elegant EK HOTEL ultra modern closely located to the city nightlife and offers great view from its roof top terrace.




Tips: MUSIC FESTIVALS: Each September and October.

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