Casa Tua Miami Dining

Casa Tua Miami

The owners of this fine Top Miami Restaurant certainly make you feel like at home. This trendy place is not just a restaurant or a hotel, it is a real experience.



When you seek for this very special place for a night out in Hot South Beach, Miami you must visits Casa Tua. This sophisticated Tuscan like home offer divine and unparalleled dining experience. An exquisite, Mediterranean cuisine in a classic, artistic ambiance, with impeccable service and atmosphere.

The minute you walk in to Casa Tua Miami you feel as you walked into a stunning Mediterranean style villa with outdoor gardens and beautifully designed rooms.


You can immediately appreciate the cozy feeling of the restaurant, its library area for your dining pleasures, gardens or a 20 seat – Chef Table. Stunning long oaky family table beautifully set for dinner in the center of it all – The Kitchen. You can enjoy chef’s culinary art with the company of your close friends, or make new friends.



Casa Tua Miami  offers the perfect dining experience by blending elements of your senses, you will indulge in smell, texture, sound and of course amazing taste of fresh pastas, steaks, salads and decadent Tiramisus all with the perfect company – fine wines.

Casa Tua offers as well unique suites with classic style of Mediterranean villa for your perfect Italian escape. Its private Club is an intimate space for members to enjoy special events, art lunches and exhibitions.


Casa Tua Miami offers unforgettable moments and its sets it apart from any other restaurant and it is my favorite place to go anytime I visit Miami but I always book my table way in advance.



Be sure to reserve even as far out as one month ahead, or even longer. Yes, it is so popular. !

Second location of Casa Tua you may find in Aspen. So pay them a visit. You will fairly enjoy it.

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