This unique island is located on Titicaca Lake, the largest lake in South America within the Andes chain, near Copacabana, Bolivia.  Isla del Sol is one of the few small islands you can find there.


Gorgeous views, crystal clear water blue sky, organic food, friendly people who lead a simple life, are the main reasons to visit this beautiful place. My original plan for Bolivia was to arrive to Lake Titicaca for a night perhaps two, get to know the island and move to the next stop of my adventure so  wisely planned with my Lonely Planet Bible: ‘South America on a Shoe String’.



But, my program changed once I arrived to Isla del Sol. It took me about 2 hrs boat ride to get there and once I arrived to the shore I was so amazed by this place that I immediately made a decision to change my plans and extend my visit!

I would love to tell you all about my experience, but at the same time I feel like I shouldn´t so when you make it there, a few surprises will await you as well.  I received the warmest welcome of all by happy children thrilled to see me and to show me around and offer accommodations.



The islands have something extremely enchanting and mystical about it. To me it is probably one of the most beautiful places in the world. Isla del Sol is close to Isla de la Luna and together they make a synergy, a perfect yin-yang where energy flows between the sun and the moon. Perhaps that is why you just do not want to leave this place. You simply want to keep passing through the eucalyptus forests, observing children as they play along, happy as if they had everything in the world and helping their parents put potatoes bags on donkeys so they can sell them later to the restaurants located on the top of the island.

Isla del Sol

Isla del Sol

Food is as surprising as the rest of this place. I could not get enough of their organic quinoa, used in almost every meal, their fresh fish caught daily and prepared to perfection and mango shakes made of freshly picked mangos straight from the tree.

Friendliness on the island is so sincere and pure, local restaurant owners go out daily to the lake, fishing for their Chef’s Special! Ask any of them to take you on a morning ride, they will be more than happy to take you for a small amount of money. Look for the man that is in a photo with me! He is the best one on the island! Go hiking, lay down on a grass, swim…and simply enjoy life. Just breath in and breath out, you are on the highest situated lake in the world!


Isla del Sol

Isla del Sol

Few points of advise. It usually rains from 8 PM to 8 AM so you really want to find a place without holes under the door. Double check if there is a possibility of having at least ´warm´ shower during the day when the sun is up and heats boilers.

Best time to travel: May- October (dry yet rather cool season)

How to get there: The easiest way is to arrive in Copacabana, Bolivia and take a boat (2h) to Isla del Sol. Note that there are only two per day (morning and afternoon). Tickets are available at local shops by the beach so you will not have a problem finding them



Currency: Boliviano BOB; 1 USD= 7 BOB

Daily budget: You can live of 25 USD

Language spokes: Spanish

Ola Wiecka



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