The Baltic, a taste of stylish and traditional Poland in London.  When you think of Poland we know you immediately think beautiful women and of course Vodka.

 Vodkas Infusions

Vodkas Infusions

At least that is the answer we always hear. Lest talk about the second best then, Polish Vodka, our pride and joy.

The Baltic Restaurant has done everything right to give the taste of sophisticated tradition to attract locals and international crowds alike. Guests can be entertained at the “VODKA  BAR” with a variety of  home-made and infused vodkas based on Wyborowa.




Beef Tartar

Beef Tartar

Try their favorite Gruszkowka” (pear vodka) and “Sliwowica’” (plum vodka) presented in ice shots served chilled and super cold. Just the way it should be. The Baltic minimalistic design makes this place very popular and entertaining to dine, with large oversized Amber chandeliers, that reflect the light in such a way as to create a unique atmosphere.  Simply gorgeous!

Any Pole may be simply proud of this place, beautifully presented dishes such as: various types of ‘pierogi’, ‘bigos’, a saurkrat cooked with wild mushroom and red wine, dark bread with ‘smalec’, pickles, beetroot soup with “uszka”; only some of the delicacies from traditional cuisine of the Baltic zone.

Don’t forget to check The Baltic restaurant web page for upcoming events and definitely book in advance for Saturday nights  It gets really busy because of the live jazz concerts! You may also want to think about it as a place for your private party… I had the best birthday event there! I promise!

Have a virtual tour if you are still not convinced The Baltic Restaurant 



Ola Wiecka

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