Need an Escape? How to chose the right Body & Soul Trip that will be perfect for you? The world has so much to offer! We live fast, we want to do more and more, we feel stressed, when we do not have the time

to do all the things we wish we were doing! The circle closes and here there is, another New Years party, next Spring Break, Your next B-day, etc. Does it sound familiar? I strongly believe each of us should make a body & soul trip at least once a year! Here is how to chose the right one for YOU:


  • Close your eyes, take a deep breath, try to relax and look at the first picture that comes to you. Is it a forest, a beach, an island, a meadow…? Are you walking, running, laying down, reading a book, meditating? Its a first step to achieve zen state of your mind
  • Trust your mind. Once you do this exercise you will know what you really need.
  • Don’t be afraid. Trust yourself. If you see yourself in a beautiful spa taking a bath, then go for it! Perhaps you visualize walking on the streets of India,meditating under a palm trees or walking in the zen like gardens… Whatever it is, follow this thought! A body and soul escape may be luxurious or rustic.
  • Once you know what is it that you are looking for, ask yourself how long you should spend to re-energize… A week? A month?
  • Having this information, with accordance to your budget of course, start searching for the best programs. There are endless options but stay focus, remember what your body told you, stick to it and just do it.

We are going to share with you some perfect locations for your ideal Zen like escape in our next chapter

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Aleksandra Wiecka

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