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What is Tatanka? Imagine a perfect drink in a frosted glass on a hot, sunny day. Many come to your mind?? For us Polish gals, ideal and refreshing drink is “Tatanka” best of vodka cocktails with sweet note.

Tatanka Mix

Tatanka Mix


Let us give you away a small secret on the history and why this so simple drink became so popular. Some of you surely remember Kevin Costner in a movie “Dances with Wolves”? He was trying to learn native words and one of them was “Tatanka” which mean Buffalo in native Indian.

One of the most popular Polish Vodkas is called “ Zubrowka” it carries Buffalo logo on its sticker and is made from the grass bizons feed off. It has been extremely popular all over the world and is now easy to find in your local stores.

What we love about this vodka is that due to the way it is made offer unique taste and flavor. We like to drink it in a perfectly chilled rock glass, filled with ice and a touch of pure apple juice and soda, its one of the best vodka cocktails you will try




Here is our secret to your Perfect “Tatanka”

* Rock glass with ice

* Original Zubrowka Vodka

* Pure Apple Juice ( preferably clear from red apples )

* Splash of Soda Water

* Slice of Orange

* Slice of Lemon

Extra touch – A cinnamon bar to the taste – for those who like extra something ..or a slice of apple.

Mix it Enjoy ! Na zdrowie




NEW Addition to the Polish selection of Zubrowka is one called Zubrowka Palona  – aged in oak barrels, sweet with nutty and almond like flavors, tasting almos like a whiskey, very smooth and easy to drink, you can prepare great vodka cocktails with other brands but this two all offer extra special touch to your party.

For some could be a touch to sweet but pour it over a cold ice and you have yourself almost a perfect ending – dessert in a glass. Try it. You will love it





Dorota Antoszkiewicz

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