Perfect fusion for sophisticated souls. What better way to enjoy luxury than with Beluga Caviar and Moët & Chandon, is there a better combination of flavors?



Champagne and Caviar have always walked hand in hand and have been seen for centuries at many socialite parties all over the globe.  Everyone who knows them will agree, that this two have had perfect romance all together.  Beluga Caviar has always been considered delicacy as it is the rarest and costliest caviar from beluga sturgeon of the Caspian Sea. It has been kings and aristocracy favorite for many decades. This mysterious luxury of tiny black pearls so exquisite in flavor and texture make people pay any price just for a dollop.

So if you feel like having fine, sophisticated party try traditional Russian way of serving your Caviar on a small pancake called “Blini” with a touch of crème fraiche, it is finest delicacy and perfect hors d’oeuvre.  Use our one and only Martha’s Stewart recipe to impress y our guests.


If you wish to be more relaxed but yet lavish serve your Caviar in a non-metallic bowl nested inside a larger one filled with ice. Be sure to serve it cold and use

Ice Moet Chandon

Ice Moet Chandon

preferably glass spoons if you can. Using silver and metal may cause oxidation of your finest product, so preferably stay away from it. It is always best to offer small pieces of lightly toasted bread or unsalted crackers. At many occasions Caviar is served as well accompanied by chopped egg yolks or whites, lemon wedges and sour cream but it is perfectly fine just to serve it simply as is.

But let’s not forget our second component of a Perfect Romance, smooth and finest of them all Moët & Chandon. Founded since 1743 this fine Champagne offers magical balance and is simply seductive when combined with your fine Caviar offering generosity and fullness to your palate.

Ours most favorite party addition is Moët Ice Imperial is the world’s first champagne specifically created to be enjoyed on ice during warm sunny days. This new champagne experience combines fun, fresh and free sensations while remaining true to the Moët & Chandon style. We love it with a slice of Orange as it brings the aromas of the tropical fruits and raspberries. It is a perfect addition to the luxurious Champagne family; we recommend you try Moët Ice Imperial as an aperitif before your party or for afternoon luncheon or picnic.

Dorota Antoszkiewicz

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