skin icing benefits

I am on the road, especially on this long haul overnight flight I often feel like my skin gets dry and need this extra special care.

For days like this I always use my botanical Nerium Optimera cream for hydration, but I also like to use simple techniques. I can use them while traveling, at the comfort of my home or at the hotel suite.Here are some beauty tips.

Recover the Glow:




To recover my skin glow I use Ice cubes to help blood circulation, skin will look more radiant and will recovers its glow within few minutes. It also helps reduce wrinkles and signs of aging.

For those who have small blemishes problems cold Ice also helps to reduce the inflammation and redness.




Dark Circles:




After a late night activities or not so perfect sleep we get puffy eyes. This also happens to me, yes of course So I like to use combination of cucumber water and rose water, when frozen I apply it with the cotton pad underneath the eye and in short time I recover this lost spark.




Make up base:



Ice cubes and skin icing is also an inexpensive smoother and toner for your skin. When applying them before make up they help minimize the pores and give more smooth and flawless foundation. Be sure not to use too cold of the ice and if your skin is sensitive apply ice with the cloth wrap it give the same affect.

I like to use it for a minute or so – longer use can cause break of capillaries under the skin so be sure not to apply it straight from the freezer.


Enjoy this simple tool and be radiant and glam!

PS: Skin Icing applies also to men skin, so do not be afraid to try it

Dorota Antoszkiewicz

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