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Name of the best Spas in Australia belongs to Gwinganna , a destination which invites top celebrities and those who desire experience specialty treatments designed to their needs.



Gwinganna, is a truly unique lifestyle retreat, offers great quality of massages, facials and body treatments. What makes it different are the retreat packages and programs. The one that cough my attention and is program especially designed for men!

Men don’t always think about SPA as a choice of activity when stress takes its tall, they think about other options such as; having couple of drinks, hit the clubs, head out to watch the game.

Maybe not all men are like that but majority truly does not know how to unwined. That`s why its is unique for Gwinganna spas in Australia to host many men seeking for a moment of zen tailored to their needs.



Each person can create their personalized plan or what seminars they want to attend, which fitness class to go to and how many massages, facials and other body treatments they will have.

This is of course combined with delicious, healthy kitchen and stay at the luxurious villas. Doctor consultation are also available and highly recommended at the beginning of each stay. Eastern-natural medicine is the only one used here…

Put it all together in a truly magical surrounding that emanates positive vibrations and you will have the best spa experience for your man!




This is what one of the clients : Mark from New Zeland said about the experience:

‘The retreat rests on 200ha of bush-clad bliss high on the hills that make a spine to Queensland’s Gold Coast. It’s a landing place for the exhausted and the burned out; a time-out corner for adults needing to disconnect from stressful lives. It’s also a lovely place to hang out if your holiday desires include serenity, organic food and gentle exercise.’




If this has not yet inspired you to take your honey out there to help him distress from daily activities, what eles may? Both of you will have a truly magical time at the best Spas in Australia

Enjoy, relax and book here!

By: Ola Wiecka


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