City of Kings, castles and dragons… Situated in the south of Poland, this legendary town has a lot to offer.



Kraków – City of Cracow is one of the oldest cities in Poland, with evidence showing settlements there since 20,000BC. Legend has it that it was built on the cave of a dragon whom the mythical King Krak had slain. However, the first official mention of the name was in 966 by a Jewish merchant from Spain, who described it as an important centre of trade in Slavonic Europe.

When you walk around the city center, you may indeed feel as if you were still somehow part of this magical past.

Cracow has been given various Nick names: the “Slavic Rome“, the “Florence of the North”, the “Little Vienna”, the “Little Paris” and even the “Polish Athens“. Yet, the truth is, Cracow is one of it´s kind and there is no need to compare it.


It is one of these cities of Europe where the mediaeval town is still the vital centre of the modern metropolis. Cracow´s business, social and cultural lives are still centered in and around the rynek – the largest mediaeval market square in Europe.




The Old Town in fact, was placed on UNESCO World Heritage list. You will be amazed by the architecture and a mix of various styles, Renaissance, Baroque, Classicist, Modernists… There are more than 2.3 millions pieces of art and around 6,000 monuments and historic beuildings.


While visiting city of Cracow, you must stop by the Jagiellonian University, established in 1364. It is the second oldest university in Europe, just after Prague. Some of the famous graduates are Nicolas Copernicus and John Paul II.

Above all, Cracow is a vivid city with incredible night life, great bars, pubs, restaurants and street food. TIP: click here to find the best offers in town!




Visit City of Cracow while planning a Eurotrip!

Currency: Polish Zloty (PLN): $1USD- 4 PLN

Language: Polish, yet English is well spoken

Best time to go: May-September

How to get there: Airport Krakow-Balice has various international connections, but you may also want to come here by train from Warsaw (3h)




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