A new hot spot in Miami – Faena Miami is to be opened in December 2015. A perfect interaction of art, architecture, destination, pleasure…

Mr. Alan Faena, Argentinian hotelier and a real estate developer has been very successful in Buenos Aires where he opened or rather rehabilitated a district where he combined culture and capitalism. ( see Red Shoes Post about Faena, Buenos Aires here )



Now he is about to open his new amazing property in Miami, the Faena Forum that will be a new kind of multidisciplinary center in a flexible building that can house dance, theater, political debates, lectures and a wide range of other cultural happenings! ‘Miami doesn’t need one more museum. It needs something different. The Forum is designed to be flexible’ says Ximena Caminos from New York Times.  Therefore, the Faena Hotel will be simply a part of the whole development in Miami Beach!



So why do I love this hotel even before opening?

1. Tierra Santa Spa:

Miami’s first South American-inspired spa is an oceanfront oasis built on ancient healing techniques and indigenous ingredients designed to elevate the spirit and restore vitality.

2. Special Events:

Gorgeous area ideal for weddings and private events. Wood mixed with colorful flours and art makes any type of celebration unforgettable!



3. Restaurant & Bar:

Locally grown ingredients are masterfully prepared to create extraordinary epicurean experiences inspired by South America’s rich culinary traditions…

4. Signature suites:

Details are still a mystery to me, yet knowing the style of Mr Faena and the Faena Buenos Aires Hotel I am more than sure that these rooms will be stunning!

Red Shoes Travels will keep you posted so stay with us!

Ola Wiecka

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