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 Fine Dining in New Orleans

Antoine’s Restaurant in New Orleans is a must visit for French cuisine lovers !



Antoine Alciatore began his culinary career in 1840 with a simple “pension,” or boardinghouse and restaurant; since then, Antoine’s has passed through generations of the same family to become one of New Orleans’ most renowned fine dining destinations.

My favorites were the masterpiece dishes such as the Oysters Rockefeller or Eggs Sardou! They both pay tribute to Antoine’s history and luminary guests, while service anticipates the guest’s every need for a seamless meal. Antoine’s offers fourteen dining rooms, each with their own story! For example, the Mystery Room, which housed a secret corridor and bartender for a uniquely New Orleans solution to Prohibition.

I would also definitely recommend to try a drink at the elegant Hermes Bar. It serves a more casual taste of Antoine’s famous cuisine.




You may also reserve one of Antoine’s private rooms for a lunch or dinner meeting. The restaurant can accommodate requests from 2 to 300 guests, and offers fourteen unique venues.  Some of my top choices are:

  • The Rex Room, named for the Krewe of Rex, a Carnival organization created just a few years after the founding of Antoine’s. The room is decorated with photographs of past Rex royalty, and heirlooms including king’s crowns and scepters from long ago, a real fine dining room which sats between 20 and 50 guests.
  • The Japanese Room, offering exquisite hand-painted walls and ceilings, and filled with gorgeous Japanese art and artifacts. Closed for 43 years after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Japanese Room reopened in 1984.
  • The Mystery Room, so called for its usefulness during Prohibition. Those wishing to enjoy a cocktail at this time could visit the Mystery Room and return with a coffee cup full of their preferred liquor. When asked it’s origin, a gentleman might say, “It’s a mystery!” The Mystery Room is decorated with various souvenirs of the world’s famous restaurants, including Groucho Marx’s beret.

No wonder this place is considered one of the best fine dining restaurants of New Orleans, we loved it

Bon Appetit!

By Ola Wiecka 

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