“Luxury” gains another meaning when it comes to Galaxy Hotel located on the Macau Island.

Royal-Suite This gorgeous resort provides 1,500 contemporary design rooms with five-star amenities and stunning views from the city or water landscape. Any guest will enjoy an exclusive comfort, something that Asian properties really stands out for.

Property offers various types of accommodation, yet the one that draw our attention was definitely the Royal Suite. Discreetly private, the Royal Suites at Galaxy Hotel live up to their name with private check-in, a personalized 24-hour butler service, an opulently regal design and the finest modern amenities.



Yet, I must admit all this luxe would not be as special if it wasn’t for the destination itself. Macau which is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China, is located across the Pearl River estuary from Hong Kong. It consists of the peninsula Macau as well as two islands, Taipa and Coloane, connected to Macau by bridges which as you can imagine is spectacular!

Even though the place is relatively small, it offers a vibrant lifestyle to those who visit. In May, I would recommend to take part in Macau Arts Festival! Some great artists present their talents during the month-long celebration of theater and performance art.



Moreover, do not forget about the Feast of Buddha, a day when the images of Buddha are ceremonially cleaned and purified in Buddhist Temples throughout the territory. You will also be able to enjoy the Macao Drunken Dragon Dance which was included in the Intangible Cultural Heritage List of Macao in 2009. Another interesting fact is that this festival is organized by the fishermen associations, who start the celebration by performing the dance in the mornings in the Kuan Tai Temple near S. Domingos Market.

Experience Macau at Galaxy Hotel.

Ola Wiecka

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