The islands of Hawaii

Are like no other place on Earth. Its has been a hot destination for a long-time. Hawaiian Islands have an endless list of activities and things to do for every age and taste.

There is more to do there than just soaking up the sun and relax on world-class beaches. This islands are all about the adventure as well as offer endless possibilities of vacation. Six major islands: Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui and Big Island Hawaii Island come with its distinctive personality each with different sites to see and things to do. So choose the one that most fits your needs.



Kauai: Its forth largest island called the “Garden Isle” which fits her perfectly. It offers valleys, sharp mountain spires and cliffs, tropical rain-forests, wild rivers and most staining cascading waterfalls. Part of the island can be only accessed by sea or air which is what we would recommend as t offer most wowing and inspiring views. In Kauai you can enjoy range of outdoor activities such as kayaking, snorkel ( choose Poipu Beach) hike in Kakee State Part or zip lining above lush valleys.

Oahu:  calles often “The Gathering place” is the third largest island and attracted over the years diverse population which brought its own culture and now the island offers amazing fusion of different traditions which makes it exciting as it has its old traditions as well as modernity. Here you can enjoy clear blue waters of Kailua Beach, enjoy metropolitan feel of Honolulu and visit memorial of Pearl Harbour.

Molokai: This is one of the most unspoiled and vitally untouched islands of Hawaii it shows no skyscrapers or stop lights. Its the fifth largest island of the chain with highest, most spectacular cliffs and longest fringing reef. Its perfect island for the outdoor adventure and place where thrives Hawaiian culture. Here you can truly feel ALOHA spirit all around.



Lanai: This island mostly offer luxurious high-end resorts with superb amenities, fine dining and golf courses but it also features this rural and more rugged feel, so you can as well enjoy the beauty of the island driving along the unpaved roads and stop at any place along the way to find its treasures such as Garden of God or Polihua Beach

Maui: ” The Magic Isle” is like no other, imagine endless cascades of water falls emerging in front of you as you drive along the Hana highway? Or stand above a sea of clouds high atop of Haleakala Volcano. This second largest island has  a different feel, it perfect for those who search for wall towns and large resorts spread along the island that offer sophisticated amenities  and facilities.

The Big Island : Hawaii Island – its is hard not to be charmed but this island. From Volcano to snow covered Maunakea, from green forest of Hamakua Coast to charcoal black sands of Punaluu Beach. Besides incredible nature of course here most amazing resorts and golf courses are to be found for your vacation pleasures.



So there you have it , a short overview of all the islands We hope you find the one that fits your needs most but keep in mind that once you are there its is so worth to jump on the helicopter and discover all the secrets of the islands from high up. This adventure will certainly will lave with you unique memories like no other. And if you are one of the explorers that love the adrenaline activities strap a parachute and dive for the eye soaring views and float above the paradise and sun-kissed coats lines.

Credit to James Lahey


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