Have you noticed that our life is recently more intense? We are constantly on the go, days are filled with responsibilities, work emial is piling up, texting is way we communicate, and we allow all this and stress to be a constant companion in our daily routine. Sounds like we may need  digital detox?

When it comes to travel we rush through the airports, we stress in security lines, we are checking on our mobile devices what to do at the destiantion we are heading to, and start worrying before we even get there. And when we finally arrive we send messages to our families that we have arrived. We do not know anymore how to relax and unwind. Sounds familiar?

So what can we do, to truly enjoy vacation? Luxury hotel chains make it easier for us, as they come up with the new digital detox amenities to pumper us and assist to achieve – Relaxation, Well Being and Rejuvenation

Here are our top 4 amenities we believe are perfect to distress and enjoy time away some IT free some just regular healthy choices available for our health choices.




Have you considered letting go of your phone and Ipad and trade it for a day of snorkeling, ecological tour or massage? This new brilliant program called Digital Detox Pack available at the Grand Velas Resort, Nayarit, Mexico – offers guests to powering down and disconnect with the world in favor of truly enjoying the time with the one you are with.

IN SUITE SCENTS: How about entering to your hotel suite and smell the scent you love? The one that instantly releases your tension and makes you totally relaxed? Banyan Tree Hotels offer their clients special scent menu, simply choose the one you like before your arrival and enjoy your stay.





REJUVENATING RETREAT- Select hotels that offer rejuvenating retreats and unique Spa therapies with luxurious amenities. Laguna Beach, Montage Hotel offers incredible ocean- themed treatments as well as very comprehensive fitness menu. Choose special program designed to release stress and to bring back balance to your body and mind.

HEALHTY FOOD : Healthy menu is not always what we choose on vacation. However we love that special diet gives our bodies more balance and energy. So we like that some hotel chains partner with nutritional experts and offers “ Lean Cuisine” with amazing flavors. When visiting any of the Kimpton Hotels you can enjoy their range of creative healthy dishes.


Dorota Antoszkiewicz

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