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Treat yourself like royalty in a place where ‘luxury’ simply takes you to another level… Middle East offers range of Luxury Spas which can truly surprise you . Imagine, no ordinary treatment! We hace selected the TOP 3 for you!




1. PureGray, Lebanon

Beauty is big business in Beirut, where getting a loan for plastic surgery is not an uncommon bank transaction.

There are medi-spas dotted around town but if you prefer a more alternative approach to your appearance there’s the spa at Le Gray.

In one of the city’s chicest hotels, PureGray luxury spa, is a home to Robert Ogilvie, a world leading acupuncturist and holistic healer, who has been practicing for 22 years.

In downtown Beirut, the spa is decorated with one-off art pieces and also has a great sidewalk wine bar.




2. Six Senses Spa at Hotel Missoni, Kuwait 

One of the world’s most luxe brands, Missoni has lent its stripes to fashion, homewares and even a sell-out line for Target, so a spa in the label’s dazzling hues is no great leap.

This Kuwait spa is anything but fun-free, with a blend of Arabian styles and the knitwear house’s signature zigzags and colors, all personally designed by Rosita Missoni.This place offers a pure glamour in the modern world of luxury spas.






3. Biolite Aesthetic Clinic, Dubai

Dubai lives up to its extravagant reputation with this luxury treatment with the 24-carat facial.

Biolite’s gold treatment follows in the footsteps of Cleopatra who, historians claim, slept in a gold mask. At 2,000 dirhams (US$545) for 90 minutes, however, it might be cheaper to go for a tub full of asses’ milk instead. Gold is said to have beautifying benefits, as it slows the depletion of collagen and can cause a tightening effect.

In this session, a fine layer is applied to the face with a special solvent, which helps to dissolve the metal and assist the skin in absorbing the particles.

The results of rejuvenation are guaranteed, visit worlds most luxury spas in the middle east for the experience of true indulgement.


By Ola Wiecka



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