This shattering spa wonderland is not only a place with high tech body treatments and skin care, but rather a glamorous area where cup cakes and champagne are served to you while you rejuvenate and relax…

EAU SPA Palm Beach

EAU SPA Palm Beach

“Eau”, pronounced “o”, is the French word for water. Eau Palm Beach is named after water because it embodies many of the qualities and attributes that our resort and spa does. Water is both serene and exhilarating. It is soothing and refreshing to carefree drifters. Powerful and thrilling to those who dare to brave the open seas.

It is fun, sparkling and sexy to night swimmers intent on making a splash. Water goes where it wants to go. Nothing can stand against it. That is the spa’s philosophy.

Ranked as one of the world’s premiere spas is a part of  Eau Palm Beach Resort located in gorgeous Palm Beach, Florida. This 42,000 square foot adult playground that offers a transcendent retreat through its “pause, play, perfect” philosophy.

EAU SPA Palm Beach

EAU SPA Palm Beach

What caught my attention was not only the top standard of treatments, yet the facilities themselves! Scrab & Polish Bar, Bath Lounge, Ocean Front Cabanas, and the Self- Centered garden among others. You can also prepare yourself for a great night out in The Salon that offers hair, make up, waxing and nails while having delicious cocktails!

Above all, I would strongly recommend to chose ‘Nice Girls’ and ‘Naughty Girls’ program for those of you ladies, who are about to get married! You will definitely have the most magical bridal shower and pre-wedding photos that you could imagine! If you are looking for more devilish nights, you may also do so while learning pole dance with your girlfriends in a private villa!

What more can I say? Pause.Play.Perfect!

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