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Luxury services in the sky

Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi – raises inflight indulgence. New VIP luxury services for the lucky few are available now on board of Etihad’s The Residence airline top-tier route from London to Abu Dhabi. 

In what some in the aviation industry have dismissed as a superficial gimmick, the UAE-based airline has teamed up with an upscale concierge service to cater for the whims of passengers using its luxurious The Residence Service.

The residences Etihad Airways

The residences Etihad Airways

The flight’s $20,000 one-way ticket already can buy you a three-room suite complete with inflight gourmet chef and a Butler!! You do not need to wait until you land to shop for baubles, grab coveted reservations at Michelin star restaurants or tickets to sold-out shows.

The Residence passengers can also instruct the concierges, provided by Ten Group, to hunt down rare handbags or fine art. The service is a far cry from the cheap and Ten Gorup can provie any assortment of things passanger desire. Company based in London, New York, Hong Kong said to be busy and services became popular since its launch end of August. Passengers relay their wishes to the on-board butler who then calls Ten Group’s concierge teams from a satellite phone. If it works, everything is in place before the plane reaches its destination.

The in-flight concierge is the latest move in what seems to be Etihad’s quest to turn its airliners into fully-fledged luxury services hotels.

The Residence suites have a living room with a 32-inch flat-screen TV, a bedroom with a double bed draped in Egyptian cotton sheets, and a carpeted hallway which leads to an en-suite bathroom with a shower, bathrobes and high-end toiletries.Simply amazing not to mention fine personalised luxury services and gourmet dining,

Etihad says the person to fly on board The Residence will receive luxury service “beyond anybody’s imagination.”



The Residence by Etihad were launched last year with the idea to offer new conventions in commercial air travel. (said Peter Baumgartner, Etihad’s chief commercial officer)

“The Etihad Lifestyle Concierge service is a continuation of that ambition.” Baumgartner says it serves passengers who are stretched for time: “For example, if they were unable to make any preparations before traveling, or need something unexpectedly. “It also suits passengers who are looking for something out of the ordinary, perhaps a unique gift for a loved one, such as a rare blue diamond, ”

So now remains the question? Some airline industry experts, believe that Etihad’s latest move is little more than a gimmick. Most doubt that this services is at most valuable to the passengers as similar services are being extended by top-end credit cards, and dropping $20,000 plus on a one-way ticket already have access to other concierge services.

However the Arline insists that as people travel further and more often, and the time spent on the journey needs to be more enjoyable than ever.

So, “how we travel is changing. Today’s tech-driven, fast-paced world means that we have to strive to be innovative, rethink what we’ve done historically, and offer more convenience and comfort to our guests”. -says Baumgartner

So Red Shoes Travel question is. Is it worth spending 20,000 USD one way worth for an ultimate luxury services and experience ¿ We love exclusivity and luxury by all means but one would think to spend this lash sum of money. On the other hand luxury series like Etihad offers is unique in every way and who would not want to lay down in fine sheets, refresh with best class amenities and truly enjoy exquisite cuisine. Luxury services are definitely pricy

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( text courtesy of by Milena Veselinovic, for CNN)

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