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Fancy Bites- incredible atmosphere, superb service and simply amazing culinary experience. This is a One Market Restaurant operated byExecutive Chef and Partner Mark Dommen. 

In San Francisco the restaurant scene is pretty overwhelming so it may be difficult to pick for your dining pleasures that one which will truly hit the spot. Chef Mark Dommen certainly knows how to create an incredible fusion of flavors that will make your pallet and taste buds go crazy.

One Market, San Francisco

One Market, San Francisco

The minute we walked in, we loved the concept. For many years now open kitchen restaurants have been in fashion.  People just love to see all the excitement in the kitchen which makes the ambiance more entertaining and more engaging. However, not many restaurants allow clients to sit at the front line of the real culinary arena. Chef Dommen’s exhibition kitchen truly allows you to see the entire process of your meal preparation; you can smell the aromas and hear the sizzle, as you are waiting for your very own perfect dish and he is right there to assure its quality and standards.



Scallops One Market

Scallops One Market

The menu here is simply amazing, you enjoy a true farm to table concept, fresh ingredients carefully selected are prepared and “injected” with chef’s personal style.

We ordered seared scallops to start with, and we received perfectly cooked juicy scallops set on a bed of cauliflower topped with the lobster foam! Wow.. try this with the chilled glass of Prosecco and you got yourself a winner! We followed with Pan Roasted Sole and Risotto. If we could, we would have tried the entire menu.

We saved some room to taste their decadent desserts, as we were told by our friendly wait staff to do so.  It was so hard to choose that perfect ending but we have finally decided to try the signature selection and we opted for Pink Lady Apple Crumb Pie and Valrhona Flourless Chocolate Soufflé with a side of ice cream. What a feast that was…

We highly recommend you reserve your spot in advance, as One Market Restaurant in San Francisco  is definitely a number one place for sophisticated diners. Bon Appetit.

For special occasions book a private room. Be sure to stop by their bar, full of life, great atmosphere for cocktails before dinner or happy hours.

For reservations and more details check thier web site: One Market Restaurant

Dorota Antoszkiewicz & Aleksandra Wiecka

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