Chilled pink drink –  probably one of the best know cocktails of our times!

Cosmo is a perfect example on how we approach ‘booze culture’ and how it impacted general aproach to drinking.

Coctail that fast become one of the top of the bar list, quickly become a joke that most people wouldn’t even dare to order.

Yet, this pink liquid was more than just an “of the moment” drink; it made a significant impact on cocktail culture and its general developement.

In fact, much of the high-end cocktail culture we actually encounter today, the exclusive ingredients that mixologist use to create their extravagant drinks begun with the Cosmo culture in the 90s!

The exact origin of the Cosmopolitan is fuzzy at best, mostly because until the late ‘80s it was a similar drink that went by a different name. The classic recipe is sweetner with citrus and vodka, yet interestingly enough at that time vodka was not used much for cocktails…

Whoever we are very grateful that it started new trend of mixed cocktails. We love it.. Cheers!




Raspberry Cosmopolitan Recipe:

2 oz Raspberry vodka

2/3 oz triple sec

1 oz cranberry juice

1/2 oz lime juice

Shake with ice, strain into a chilled cocktail glass, and serve.



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