Magical islands…white sandy beaches . Travel to Thailand and dscover thrilling magic a real paradise and best sites to go by Gabriela Soik! 


Thailand Beauty

Thailand Beauty

Ko Phi Phi Don, Ko Phi Phi Lee: where you will find the spectacular blue lagoon. These are the  best looking turquoise waters with incredible cliffs you can jump from. Ko Lanta Yai: this one is not as congested so you can enjoy a relaxing walk with your honey along the beach and maybe you can find here a good spot for your private picnic. Hong Island was BEAUTIFUL and very close to Krabi. Best to go here in the morning as it’s impossible to enjoy after 1pm when the rest of the tourist arrive. Keep in mind that you can get the best weather prior to 10am in these Islands. Absolutely heaven at sunrise. Last but not least was Bamboo Island where the whole back part is secluded and the front part is a yacht party. You get the best of both worlds. My favorite if you are looking to get freaky in private LOL (but only on the back part of the Island) Your local Capitan will know where to take you haha. Isn´t all this worth travel to thailand?


Gabriela in Thailand

As a tip, avoid going to “Maya Beach” or “The Beach Island” It is not necessary to dock there as many other options are available without the swamp of people! This beach was crowded and a bit dirty. You don’t get the feeling of paradise here. Maya Beach will be a cluster of tourist with cameras and go pro sticks. I don’t recommend it. The south of Thailand has too many wonderful options to get stuck in this tourist trap.

Writing about this makes want to book my ticket and travel to Thailand ASAP! This is the perfect place where the sand is like sugar, the sun is generous and the beaches are good for the soul. Can’t wait to go back to Thailand. You are beautiful, exciting, relaxing.  One day you could be learning about Buddhism and the next you could be doing rock climbing. The south of Thailand gave me the perfect balance of adventure, culture, soul searching and of course I got to stuff my face with amazing food in the process. Hands down one of the best vacations I ever had. See you soon Thai!!! Or should I say Laa gon na?

Story credit to  Gabriela Wanderlust travel. Thank you for sharing!


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