Undiscovered Neighbourhoods of Paris

Capital of fashion, romance, history and amazing culture, offers traveler wide range of thrilling experiences.

If you have never been to Paris you must of course see main points of attraction such as the Eiffel Tower, Champs E`Lise and Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame the Louvre or Jardin de Luxembourg just to name a few. But we invite you go beyond and to discover charming neighbourhoods where you will be able to blend in and feel like a true local.

Step into the word of undiscovered neighbourhood where even some locals have not been and explore Charonne, la Butte aux Cailles, Canal Saint-Martin and Little Tokyo.



Charonne- this is to be considered the last ancient village dated back to 1860. A short walk around the streets will reveal to you its charm, the 12th century St. Germain de Charonne Church –where rumors has it was a rendezvous point for Saint Germain and Saint Genevieve the future patron saint of the city. Visit charming Café Noir for a morning coffee or enjoy lunch on the beautiful courtyard of small Le Magnolia bistro. A must place to visit is certainly and highly recommended is Ble Sucre pastry shop where you can get one of the second –best pain au chocolat in the city.

Visit also vibrant most authentic local market Marche Charonne where you can buy everything from jars of gam or honey to flower bouquets, oysters and apples and take a break and enjoy a glass of fine wine at the Le Baron Rouge and watch the world go by.

Village- Charonne

Village- Charonne

La Butte aux Cailles. This hilltop neighborhood also known as Quai Hill is between Chinatown and Montparnasse. Today it’s a place which locals love to visit before the sun sets to walk along the Rue de la Boutte aux Caille which is covered with artwork of various urban artists. Its features many tiny bars – some worth stopping by would be Le Merle Moqueur or Place Pau Verlaine.

Little Tokyo. This district established itself around 1990 when most Japanese stores started to come and opened its doors. It`s lined with noodle shops, Sushi Counters, Asian goods stores and some great small restaurants: visit Aki, Higuma, or Hoikkaido and if you wish to taste some of the best cheeses pay a visit to Salon du Formage Hisada run but Tokyo Born Madame Hisada for her cheese-theme tasting menu.

Pop in for some great macaroons at the Pierre Herme bakery: enjoy some of the popular flavors like jasmine, nutmeg or matcha tea.

For other culinary options we also recommend Place de la Madeleine Lèglise de la madeleine.

Canal St. Martin

Canal St. Martin

Canal Saint-Martin – less known area of town Canal runs through 10th arrondissement. Has been in fact commissioned by Napoleon in 1802. It has been Bohemian area of Paris for decades, features some more elegant areas and more affordable bistros and cafes and spacious parks. In a nice summer day it is a fun district to visits for a stroll.

Step into this areas to discover – undiscovered neighbourhoods.

Bonne exploration de Paris !!


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