San Juan Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico

is a must-see destination to enjoy sun, new trends and sights of this 500 year old Caribbean Town. You are for a treat of a cultural heaven and excitement this place has to offer.

Explore Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. The heart of San Juan is its original walled city founded by the Spanish in 1521. Old San Juan streets paved with blue cobblestones that once were used to stabilize European merchant ships are lined with the beautifully restored colonial building panted in light greens, yellow, reds and blues. All building are beautifully decorated with delicate ironwork and rooftop gardens.

san juan puerto rico

Best way to enjoy a day of sightseeing is to start with strong cup of coffee, traditional Puerto Rican coffee at Café Manolin where locals love to stop by to share current gossip or a newspaper. Visit La Forteza one of the oldest mansion with its stunning gardens build as the first fortress along San Juan harbor. However to protect the city form the Dutch and English invasions Spanish build a Castillo San Felipe del Morro and Castillo San Cristobald with much stronger walls to defend the city. Both of this forts offer stunning panoramic views of the city and turquoise waters.

To feel like a local step into the farmers market for a refreshing coconut smoothie or sweet red bananas and stop by La Fonda el Jibarito – a true criolla cocina of Puerto Rican offers Spanish dishes with African influence and if you want to be very adventurous try Mofongo, fried dish made of plantains normally or yucca, filled with spicy chicken.

san juan puerto rico


san juan puerto rico


San Juan Puerto Rico offers great shopping, just head out to the main promenade set outside of the city walls and pay a visit to some of the local stores which offer assortment of arts and crafts, jewelry, hand made necklaces and more and enjoy the views of the harbor as well as wander among sculptures commemorating 500 years of San Juan and visit Museum of Art known as largest one in the Caribbean.

san juan puerto rico

As you discover San Juan Puerto Rico, you will find many small cafes, bars and restaurants where you can listen to Latin music, enjoy great food and drinks. Try Patio del Nispero for a fantastic herb gazpacho and snapper coated with flavourful papaya sauce and Marmalade for a wonderful fresh popcorn shrimp.

And of course no visit to Puerto Rico can be complete without a stop at the beach, if you want to feel like a real Puerto Rican head out to Ocean Park where locals meet to play in the sun.

Hasta Pronto San Juan Puerto Rico

By Dorota Antoszkiewicz

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